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Ballads of Wu

Permanence Exhibition
H Hall , 2nd Floor in WuZhong Museum

Ballads proceed from nature and bring in popular sentiment. Wuzhong, nourished by the hills and streams, rich in produce, has always granted peaceful livelihood and contented enterprise. These views of hills and streams not only please the eye and cultivate the mind – Tai Lake, Dongting Lake, Dongshan, and Xishan Islands are indeed the very material conditions and foundation for the rich production of a thriving age; the objects of such Wu ballads are the grasses , fruits and vegetables, the fish, birds and insects, the fragrance of teas and fruits, and the exquisite skill and aptitude of the embroiderer’s needle, the carving knife, of axe chiseling and sawing and use of the hand planer, as exceptional acquired styles and memories of the natural and human world. These popular customs are no mere inheritance and list, but a means of living and attitude through which inhabitants identify one-another.

The Lush Nourishment of Hills and Streams

The Objects of Wu Ballads

Construction, Building Up

Exquisite Manufactures of Jiangnan