On Show

Etruscans. Lords of Ancient Italy

The Second Special Exhibition Hall, the 1st Floor

The Etruscans were wise, enthusiastic, free and romantic. They enjoyed food, wine, songs, dancing and elegant art. They created delicate gold, lively statuettes, exquisite pottery, and burial sets of different materials and shapes... All of them reflect the marvelous civilization the Etruscans created, which affected the religion, culture and political forms of Rome and even the western civilization of later generations.

“Etruscans. Lords of Ancient Italy”, hosted by the Museum of Wu in collaboration with the Civic Archaeological Museum of Bologna and the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, displays 332 pieces/sets of representative cultural relics of the Etruscan civilization, including objects for daily life, delicate gold jewelry, exquisite statuettes, and cinerary urns of different shapes.