Suzhou Embroidery—Everlasting Charm of Needles and Threads

Eulogies of Wu, the 2nd Floor

Suzhou embroidery, blessed with distinctive poetic qualities by the rich culture of Jiangnan, serves as an elegant background of Jiangnan citizens’ life. The exquisite, graceful and delicate Suzhou embroidery draws the artistic essence of Wu Land and embodies the ingenuity and wisdom of embroiderers, creating everlasting charm with needles and threads.

To some extent, the emergence of embroidery indicated people’s progression from backwardness to civilization. It shows ever-developing visual and perceptual senses and a more mature aesthetic sense. The progress of Suzhou embroidery has written an unbroken history of thematic development and inheritance of arts and crafts.

As the second exhibition of Craftsmanship serial exhibitions, Suzhou Embroidery—Everlasting Charm of Needles and Threads is held in the exhibition hall of Eulogies of Wu. The exhibition displays 28 works of Suzhou embroidery by Jiang Xueying, Fu Xianghong and Fu Hanlu.