Metropolitan Life in Chang'an: Spectacles from the Capital of Tang Dynasty

The Second Special Exhibition Hall, the 1st Floor

The Tang Dynasty (618-907) represents the most glorious and splendid chapter in Chinese history. As the Tang Dynasty was one of the most powerful, longest-lasting and most influential dynasties in China, the prosperity of it enabled the Tang people to be more graceful and open-minded, and pioneering and enterprising was the social style of this era.

We cooperate with Xi’an Museum, Xi’an Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Relic and Archaeology, Shaanxi Academy of Archaeology and Museum of Northwest University and select more than 120 pieces/groups of fine cultural relics from the Tang Dynasty to show you the metropolitan life in Chang'an, and invite you to travel back to the Tang Dynasty, revisit Chang'an, and relive this era’s prosperity through daily life.

The exhibition includes four parts. It displays the layout of Chang’an in Tang Dynasty, clothing, food and vessels of citizens, and people’s daily life and entertainment. With exhibits including components of buildings, rubbings of epitaphs, pottery figures, silver and golden wares, ceramics and jade objects in the majority and interpretations on the walls, we hope that we can partially restore the daily life of citizens of Chang’an in the Tang Dynasty.