Earthly Paradise: Digital Exhibition of Wu County Cultural Relics

The First Special Exhibition Hall, the 1st Floor

In September, Paradise on Earth: Digital Exhibition of Wu County Cultural Relics is held in the Museum of Wu. This exhibition is organized by the Museum of Wu and Office of Cultural Relics Management Committee of Wuzhong District. This exhibition presents multiple major historical and cultural sites protected at the national level, historical and cultural sites of Jiangsu Province, and historical and cultural sites of Suzhou City, depends on digital presentation methods, breaks through the space limitations of ancient buildings, and reproduces the cultural heritage and building relics of Wuzhong District, as well as historical towns and villages and their transportation networks. 

Based on the large-scale field investigation and digital record of cultural relics in Wu County and with panoramic photography, 3D reconstruction, drone aerial photography and other technologies, this exhibition records and presents the views of more than ten ancient towns and villages, and dozens of historical buildings. Besides, this exhibition focuses on the daily life of Wuzhong over the past centuries by taking Wu County as a whole, interpreting and presenting immovable cultural relics, and using 3D printing and multimedia interactive devices.

The exhibition includes four parts: The Content: My Hall, The Comfort: My Residence, The Composed: My Community, and The Compatible: My Hometown, showing the wisdom of the ancestors and craftsmen of Wu County over the past centuries, and leading the visitors to delve into the delicate and ingenious structures of ancient buildings such as the harmony of halls and courtyards, and complex composed of rows and sections, and their development and inheritance.