Focus on the Treasures—Wu’s Culture Heritage Reimagined

Public Spaces of the 1st and 2nd Floor

Treasures need to be seen.

In the center of metropolis, we are surrounded by increasingly bright giant advertisements, and it tends to be difficult to see the images of cultural relics. Therefore, it is harder to understand the cultural value and aesthetic value of cultural relics. In this highly visual era, the images of treasures reaching the audience are of greater significance.

The Museum of Wu moves forward. Based on the nine cultural relics, the Museum cooperates with a young curator and eight young artists to reimagine and recreate the cultural relics from Wu Land, embarking on a journey of reimaging the cultural relics.

On the basis of the recreation by young artists, the Museum of Wu has created eight spaces to invite visitors to enter different contemporary treasure scenes and explore the connection between cultural relics and themselves. What’s more, the Museum invites visitors to recreate and reimage cultural relics through Recreating Treasures Game of the Museum of Wu, and sets up an area in the exhibition to display the participants’ works.