Making an Inspection Trip in Jiangnan

The First Special Exhibition Hall, the 1st Floor

Qianlong Emperor adored Jiangnan, as he concluded that the conquest of Zhungeer and the tours of Jiangnan represented the most extraordinary events in his reign. Every time he inspected Jiangnan, he visited Suzhou and admired the culture and scenery.

Making an Inspection Trip in Jiangnan—Exhibition of cultural relics of Qianlong period from the Palace Museum is held by the Museum of Wu and the Palace Museum. 116 pieces (sets) of cultural relics closely related to the Qianlong Emperor from the Palace Museum are exhibited, including more than 60 pieces of cultural relics relative to Suzhou. It not only shows the unique crafts of silk dyeing, weaving and embroidery, jade carving and lacquerware of Suzhou in the Qing Dynasty, but also carries the cultural memory of Qianlong's six tours of Jiangnan. These exquisite and rare palace cultural relics show the visitors a prosperous era and restore Qianlong Emperor who was expert at both cultural and military affairs.