Fruit Pit Carving—Craftsmanship in Minute Artworks

Eulogies of Wu, the 2nd Floor

The Craftsmanship serial exhibitions of the Museum of Wu aim to explore Jiangnan culture with the intangible cultural heritage in Wu Land as the core. The exhibitions strive to trace back the intangible cultural heritage by cooperating with inheritors. As creators, the Museum and inheritors work to carry out more creative and international handicraft innovation to pass down the craftsmanship of Suzhou and create the brand of Jiangnan culture.

Fruit Pit Carving—Craftsmanship in Minute Artworks represents the first exhibition of Craftsmanship serial exhibitions. Fruit pit carving is a traditional Chinese folk handicraft. The carved pits are appreciated, played, worn and collected. The handicraft which thrived in the Ming and Qing Dynasties has been passed down over the past centuries and represents a significant part of the modern craft system. Fruit pit carving was inscribed on the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage. A total of 21 pieces (groups) of fruit pit carving works are exhibited, including the Peach-Stone Boat and Twelve Ladies of Jinling depicting ancient stories and Stamps of Chinese Zodiac Signs and Rosy Clouds of Taihu Lake inspired by the traditional Chinese culture. The works of Ms. Lu Xiaoqin, a master of arts and crafts in Jiangsu Province, embody the exquisiteness, delicacy, elegance and cleanliness of Suzhou’s fruit pit carving and endow pits with picturesque and poetic qualities.