Venerated Marquis of Zeng——unearthed bronze wares from Zeng State

The Second Special Exhibition Hall, the 1st Floor

Zeng, a state of the Western Zhou Dynasty, was not recorded in history. It has been gradually known by the world after the Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng was discovered in Suizhou, Hubei Province, in 1978 and bronze wares with inscriptions were unearthed. Zeng is regarded as “an unearthed state”, as it is the only state which basic history can be framed by archaeological materials.

A total of 116 bronze wares of Marquis of Zeng unearthed from Suizhou, Zaoyang and other places in Hubei Province are displayed in this special exhibition. These bronze wares outline the 700-year history of Zeng. The state was founded in the early Zhou Dynasty, and defended the dynasty. During the middle and late Warring States Period, it was conquered by Chu. The exhibition provides rich and detailed information for the visitors to understand the history of Zeng and ancient Chinese bronze culture.